2023 New Year
By the time you read this, it may already be the New Year! Whatever your time, I hope you enjoyed
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Bernard's new chair
I have a new friend! It’s not male or female, in fact, it’s not even alive. Before you ask, it’s
Elk Grove Conference 2023
This year I accepted the opportunity to deliver the Keynote Speech at the Elk Grove Writer’s Conference. The title of
This month of June I am underground, underwater, and possibly underhanded. Underground? I’m still investigating AI tools. Some of these
My Desk
This is May and the flowers are springing. I have also been reminded that it is time for cleaning. So,
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In September 2021, I spent 4 weeks in Europe, visiting my family and ancestral home. This was shared with time,
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Isambard Kingdom Brunel, imaginatively named by his French father, and English mother. Staring nonchalantly, ignoring the camera. Scruffy shoes and