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Girl Electric: Nano technology literally takes on a life of it’s own.

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A teenage girl, Adara Banks, suffers a tragic drowning accident.

Hoping to revive her comatose body, her estranged father administers her with stolen Nano Technology.

Nano bots are microscopic cell sized bio/mechanical devices that are able to perform a variety of tasks. They are powered by chemical reactions, much the same way as natural human cells. They feed on nutrients and oxygen, supplied by the body’s own cardio vascular system.

The important thing is, they have the ability to inter-connect and self organize into a single complex entity.

These nano bots also have the capability to act as a neural transistor, allowing them to connect to the nervous system. This allows them to induce nerve signals and hence control the body. This robotic entity is programmed with Artificial Intelligence to perform a variety of duties.

Of course this is all experimental technology, funded by a US military budget. Animals are first tested as expendable units to attack an enemy. Humans are being secretly tested to enhance their abilities as the ultimate soldier or even agents of assassination.  

You can read a sample chapter or two here

But wait! Adara Banks is a regular teenage girl. Her father only intends to reanimate her with military grade nano bots. He tries to program the Nano Bots to emulate the girl.

What could possibly go wrong?

Controlling a human body from within is one thing.

These nano bots must learn how to be a human. Not just any human, it must learn how to be Adara Banks.

Adara’s embedded artificial entity does not know everything, it must learn and adapt.

Beware, because it does not know that there is something looking for it.

Spoiler Alert: Adara falls into a coma early in the book. After that, her body is taken over by the nano technology, so she doesn’t have much to say in the rest of the book. But you guessed that already. Didn’t you?

This book conveys a challenging theme which is aimed at all ages. You could call this: Artificial Intelligence goes to high school!

This is Bernard’s first novel; it is book 1 of a trilogy.

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