By the time you read this, it may already be the New Year! Whatever your time, I hope you enjoyed the winter holiday season. I also hope you are looking forward to 2024.

The New Year always warrants a celebration. The countdown brings everyone’s attention to the moment we cross into the future. In many ways, this is artificial because every single moment of our lives transfers us into something new.   Individual moments rarely carry new intentions. Each New Year’s transition is a symbolic representation of new horizons.  

I have many new intentions.
Read more, write more, publish more.
There are other promises, such as stop being a grumpy old goat.
What I find with our resolutions, we often stray from our intention. Perhaps it’s because we overburden ourselves with these promises. In my opinion, we need to define a basic theme for ourselves, maybe even create a mantra that we can use to remind ourselves.

Before you become bored with my self-help nonsense, please pay attention to my simplified theory of New Year’s resolutions.

According to my calculations, my intention is not impossible.
Too many resolutions often result in failure.
Simplicity is the best answer.
My resolve is to…
This is the root.
The prime number.
The least common denominator.
In the literary world, all elements of a story are FOCUSED on a theme.

May I offer a simple mantra – Define your theme and FOCUS on the correct way forward.
I have already set my literary goals and researched my path. I even have the determination to achieve.

As I FOCUS on my future, I intend to sell more books. This sounds like a capitalistic ambition, but you are mistaken. I will not quote scripture, but all books say it is wrong to “Hide your light under a bushel”. I need to spread my words to others. I’m coming out.

I already have an ally in my resolve. Remember my new chair from my last blog post? So far, it’s been helpful to me. Maybe I should give it a name. Is it male or female? Any ideas?   For now, I will keep you in suspense, as I cannot yet reveal details of the steps that I take along my path. All I can say is that I will keep you informed.

I will bring you stories that are engineered to entertain. These stories may not answer why, but at least, they may enlighten you to the question.

I will update you all on my New Year’s progress.

Thank you for following me this far.
As always play nicely with everyone else.

That’s all folks!
Bernard Wozny
Self-Published author.

Keep reading…
Keep Writing…
Keep sailing on…
And behave?

President of the California Writers’ Club – Sacramento Branch.
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