This month of June I am underground, underwater, and possibly underhanded.


I’m still investigating AI tools. Some of these tools pose a threat. I don’t mean there will be an AI writing program what will write humanity out of existence. Instead, let me give you an example of how AI is affecting writing.

Audio Books – if you read my last blog, you will know that I’m looking towards making an audio book. Many voices in the writing industry have said that audio books are the future. I have tried to listen to audio books, and (personally) I found them boring and bordering on the irritating. I have yet to find a voice that will engage me and draw me into a story. I do not doubt that good and engaging audio books exist, so please enlighten me of examples.

The main markets for audio books strictly exclude AI voices. I can understand why – this is a new technology, and it threatens the jobs of existing (human) book voices.

I take an alternate stance – I think this will create a new set of jobs and a new work force. I have experimented with this technology, and I am (as a technophile) drawn towards it. I think new voice entrepreneurs can use this AI tech to create imaginative books. Let’s move beyond the book to create imaginative audio entertainment.

The Polish Eagle – Orzel


Yes, I have that sinking feeling that all authors experience. My sunken thoughts are trending towards the officers and crew of ORP Orzel.

I am trending to a new launch of my novel ORP Orzel.

Built in Holland, commissioned on 2 February 1939, she was a state-of-the-art submarine for its day. She avoided the Nazi onslaught in September 1939. While landing her ailing captain in the neutral port of Tallinn, the remaining officers enacted a daring escape from Nazi influenced internment. Yes, the Nazi’s wanted this submarine.

With little hope and no resources, they try to continue the struggle against the Nazis. They eventually flee the Baltic Sea to join the Royal Navy.

“The greatest adventure story to come out of the war” – Sir, Winston Churchill.

This is the Alamo of Poland in WW2. This is the Spirit of Poland!

Sadly, they are lost somewhere in the North Sea.

Being half Polish, I had to make this story public. Technically, the writing format I used is called Creative Non-Fiction. That means I researched the history and events and wrote the story as it happens, in the correct timeline.


OK, this is where I make my confessions.

As they say in the Catholic confessional – “Bless me Father for I have sinned…”

I have a whole bunch of stuff to unload here…

1) I watched Lucifer on Netflix and thought it was really cool (He did NOT make me do it)

2) I’m madly in love with Mazikeen (aka Lesley Ann Brandt) Phwor!

3) I say bad words.

4) Not sure if I want to go to heaven – I hear it’s boring.

5) What the hell is that all about?

6) Lying – do you believe me?

I never did unload my secret desires to a priest. Would you?

Thank you for following me this far.

Keep learning, stay above water, and always play nicely with everyone else.


That’s all folks!

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