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Bernard Wozny

Bernard Wozny is a new addition to the literary world. He brings fresh ideas to challenge the mind while portraying the story in a clean, stimulating manner.

Already, Bernard has become President of the California Writers’ Club, Sacramento Branch. The California Writers’ Club, or CWC, is a statewide club with 22 branches. Sacramento is currently the second largest with over 160 members. Please visit the site and see what resources you can find for writers.

Bernard primarily writes Science Fiction and is actively promoting my Girl Electric series of novels. The first instalment is available on Amazon, the second book is in progress (I’m cooking with electric).

Note that my genre of SciFi is loosely defined. Girl Electric, can also be Speculative Fiction, or as I like to say A Science Thriller! This is because it is set in the modern day (no spaceships or aliens) it is a parable on what is possible to happen with the progress of human technology.

Feel free to comment on this, I would love to hear your opinions.

New frontiers and adventure is what I live for. I hope you will be intrigued by the open horizons I endeavor to reveal to you. Let me know if they are entertaining. Please send me comments and subscribe to my Newsletter.

Pidgeon holes were never my thing. So guess what? I’m also writing in other genres. “Sacrilege!” I hear you say, “Isn’t SciFi everything? Why are you writing in other genres?”

In answer to your question, I have another novel which is now published. This is a story about a World War 2 Polish Submarine. You will have to check out my Book page to read a summary of the ORP Orzel.

Oh, and before I forget, I’m planning a love story. After all, isn’t love why we exist? ‘To go where no man has gone before.’ However, my novel will explore heartfelt returns, rather than virgin exploration. Oh, dear, did I really write that?

See the books I am working on here.

My books are available for sale at most book retailers and in most countries. If you can’t get them online, contact me and I can send you copies.

Girl Electric Book Cover
Girl Electric

ORP Orzel
O.R.P. Orzeł Book Cover