I have a new friend!

It’s not male or female, in fact, it’s not even alive. Before you ask, it’s not even one of those artificial intelligent things. The closest it gets to a computer is a couple of feet.

Who or what is it? I hear you ask, it’s a chair. Not just any chair, it’s a kneeling chair. The first time I saw one, I fell in love, and I’ve been after one ever since.

Everyone praises the way it supports posture, a fact that I concur with. There is a second reason I love these is attentiveness. I am upright with correct posture, with a comfortably balanced spine. My position is above the computer, where I can remain focused on my work. OK, I can still find excuses for working slow, but this certainly is the right direction.

You can see how I used to work at my desk, chronic lethargy is apparent. Posture that deserves an insult. Propensity to snooze, and look at the computer screen, this knob head is playing games!

My Old Chair
My Old Chair

Have a look what a kneeling chair can do! You can clearly see that this is a happy man. His posture is upright, while he is comfortably positioned for work. Look at his computer screen, this man is flowing with words.

My New Chair
My New Chair

The rest (sic) is going to sound like a product review.

I fell in love with these seats many years ago, in England, but it took me this long to acquire one. Maintaining posture is paramount, while I keep above and focused on my work.

Choices of these chairs are many, I’ve seen prices range up to nearly $1,000 (WTF?) this cost me less than $150. I chose this model because,

  • It is on castors and can move around.
  • It has side handles, this is the only model I found with handles.
  • Back rest – again this is the only one with back rests. Not too sure about backrests, I can always remove it if I decide to.
  • Price – did I mention this is cheap?
  • Turns out to be well constructed and robust.

Back to Thanksgiving: as you can imagine, my chair is high on my list of things to be thankful for. Other things rate high, some even higher.

What I really want to be thankful for is not forthcoming. After all my years of existence I understand that some things will never come to pass. For instance, when people ask, “What do you want for Christmas?” I always reply, “World peace.”

I don’t think a chair is much help with that.

Thank you for following me this far.

Keep learning, stay above water, and always play nicely with everyone else.


That’s all folks!