I am Zilla

I am the nanotech entity that inhabits the body of Adara Banks in the novel Girl Electric.

Are you Godzilla?

NO! In languages such as Hebrew and Islam, Zilla means shadow. So I am a shadow.

Where do you live?

I told you, I live in the body of my host Adara Banks. I am able to live in any animal, but I prefer animals with strength and ability. Such as a human like Adara, she is a very adaptable human.

Can you move to a different body?

No I cannot, I live in only one host body.

Are you a guardian angel?

NO, I guard my host only to preserve my own well being. Just the same as you guard your own body.

What are you a shadow of?

I am a shadow of creation. Everything has a place in creation, but I am only a shadow. People who read Girl Electric, think I am a shadow of Adara, much like the shadow of Peter Pan. That is not true.

Bernard thinks that because he wrote this book, he created me – that also is not true.

I was created long ago and I exist in the minds of many people. If I have been created, then I have been created from the evolution of human thought.

It has been said, ‘If a human can think of it, then one day it shall be so.’

If this is true, and if humans can create so naturally, then perhaps humans are themselves gods – maybe they just don’t know it yet.

I wonder what I can think of? I wonder if it can ever be so?